Uncover The Forgotten Art of Effective Communication

I teach you to communicate and influence confidently anytime with the people closest to you. 

Imagine a world in which the vast majority of us wake up Inspired, feel extrodinary bonds with family and friends, and Live memorable extraordinary life. 

Unexpected Secrets: How situations that would normally make you weak…  now make you show up at your best. 

Who is Geraldine Schmid and Why should you listen to her?

My general philosophy is that life is important. We want to create a truly exceptional life, a life where we can contribute and grow. What happens if we set new goals and standards? Life hits us with adversity? Right?

I had my share, some obvious ones: Moving (23x), relationship breakups or divorce, building (and ending) multiple businesses, and one thing that is bound to continuously get you to your edge: Raising children.

We are meant to enjoy our short time here and because of that, should unravel the Lost Art of being in our best state, especially if live hands us challenges.

With that in mind, I am dedicated to working with entrepreneurial parents from all over the world to both inspire and empower them to achieve their full potential and to create truly exceptional lives for themselves and their families.

You won´t believe how it can change your life

 It´s not about what challenges we face,
but how we deal with them that makes us grow. 

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„Influence Because You Care“ Podcast

With bestselling authors from Leadership and Sales to Weightloss, Coaches from divorce, bullying and childs mental health to alot more. We focus on finding frameworks and Questions to guide a person from point A to point B.

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What other´s say about me

Her energy and drive is contagious. 
 Being in the 100 Roles of Mother, daughter, wife, nurse, psychologe, and more. it is great to talk with someone to get new perspectives on how I can handle conflicts confidently. From my Teenager to myself. 

Brigithe Bianco

Business owner

It was a personal joy to get to know, Geraldine Schmid. A admirable woman, with fascinating Stories, from Entrepreneurship, life long learning and family. 

Sabrina Von Nessen

Executive Board Member

She is the Queen of Questions

Paul Cherry

Best Stelling Author and Speaker

of „Questions That Sell“

I was impressed by her positive, energetic nature – where does she get that power from?

By me, it was about the relationship with my son, who made me so angry with his behavior several times a day. Shouting at each other was the order of the day …

In the course, I learned how I can be calm and poised and give my son back his responsibility. Thank you for this difference!

Nicole Gillb


What will it take for you to decide?

What are the challenges you want to show up at your best?

When I changed my Questions, I changed my life. 

Geraldine Schmid

Mom & Entrepreneur